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Open studios in Kingston is a collaborative, fun event and all artists need to do their bit to make it so. To encourage visitors it is advised that artists form groups of at least two or three in each venue. The organising committee will look at developing geographic clusters of venues to further encourage visitors.
Marketing the event is a big job. The KAOS Committee places advertising in carefully chosen locations and publications, organises a leaflet drop in areas around venues and undertakes a coordinated social media campaign. Nevertheless, all participating artists must also commit to working towards attracting visitors to their venues using social media and materials supplied by the committee. Prior to the show each venue will receive a marketing pack of leaflets, catalogues, posters, balloons and flag with instructions on what needs to be done. Hosts will divide these items amongst their group for distribution further afield.
Venue hosts
Hosts negotiate with their guest artists how best to show the work. The aim is to create an overall exhibition that shows off the work in the best possible way and creates a pleasing show for visitors. Nevertheless, it must be recognised that there will be limitations to what is possible in a location that is also a living space, particularly if there is no adjustable hanging system installed. To avoid disappointment venue hosts are advised to invite their prospective guest artists to a group meeting at the venue to discuss the show before a final decision is made about who will form the group.
A final decision on the make up of the group must be made by 13th March.
Guest artists
Guest artists need to remember that they are indeed guests in another person’s space and act accordingly. The whole group is expected to be present every day to assist with managing the visitors and to talk to them about the show. Engaging with visitors is the best way to sell work.
Venues in a public space
Some venues are not in a private home or studio. It is advised that the exhibiting group elects one of their number to communicate with the organising committee on their behalf, coordinate the necessary preparatory tasks and to distribute the marketing pack to the group. All participating artists must commit to sharing the load and carrying out the extra marketing tasks.
On the day
Open Studios will be taking place on 11/12th and 18/19th June from 11am to 5pm. It is expected that every venue will be open and every artist will be showing on those days between those times unless it is stated otherwise in the catalogue. Visitors generally enjoy talking to artists about their work so be prepared to be on hand to oblige. As the event is organised as a wider group exhibition, participants are requested to support colleagues by encouraging their visitors to go to other venues on the trail map.